ATA releases Toolkit Intended to Advise on Eliminating Disparities in Healthcare

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The American Telemedicine Association has just released a new toolkit intended to help with assessing the impact of telehealth on addressing disparities in healthcare among communities.  Please click here to view the ATA Press Release, which announces the release and explains the significance.

The toolkit, which was developed by an ATA advisory group, provides functionality to review digital infrastructure by zip code and county, and a tool to scope the cost of telehealth-based improvements, as well as a collection of other resources the ATA has released to date.

According to the ATA Press Release, ATA developed the tool for the purpose of empowering healthcare industry members to address gaps in care that can be mitigated using virtual care.  In other words, the tool is intended to further one of the key aspirational goals of digital health, which is to improve access to healthcare for underserved populations.

To access the toolkit, please click here.

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