New HIPAA Security Rule Assessment Tool Released

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If your company is currently subject to, or alternatively, may be subject in the future to HIPAA security requirements, you may be interested to know that the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (“ONC”) have just released an updated version of their security assessment tool, which is intended to help with the identification and assessment of risks and vulnerabilities to electronic protected health information (“ePHI”), as well as with remediation and compliance planning.

Version 3.4 of the updated tool is available for download at the following link:

The newly released version of the tool contains updates such as a remediation report, a glossary and tool tips section, bug fixes, usability improvements, and references to the 2023 edition of the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) publication.

The security assessment tool is currently made available in Windows and Excel Workbook format and also comes with a convenient user guide.

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